A Woman Slept Outside In Below Zero Temperatures In Order To Save This Homeless Dog


It always makes my day to hear about the successful rescue stories and how some people are willing to sacrifice their own resources and comfort in order to help a poor animal.


This is the exact thing that happened here in this heart touching story. The residents of the Washington Heights area all came together in the favor of one homeless feral dog, whom some called Charlie, and others called Ricky.


Born in a pack of wild dogs that inhabited the Highbridge Park. About 5 years ago, Charlie’s pack was caught by park security, however, Charlie managed to escape, and was a beloved citizen of the park ever since. Everyday, people put out food and water for him, and he accepts them politely, but keeping his distance.


However, in February of this year, the temperatures in the park dropped below zero. Luckily for the homeless dogs, the neighbors did their best to ensure he stays safe and warm. They provided him with sheltering, blankets, and warm water.

One of the residents, Denise Lauffer, saw how Charlie has become a senior dog that is in obvious need of medical help, so she decided to take matters into her own hands to try and bring Charlie to a safer environment.

Denise actually slept in the freezing cold next to Charlie for two days, providing him with company, cuddles, and hot meals. The old dog slowly gained her trust, and successfully, she and a group of neighbors managed to transfer him to a vet, whose bills were covered by online fundraisers made for Charlie by the residents.


Thanks to their dedicated efforts, Charlie now has a warm place to stay and his health is being treated. He is a well cared for and loved dog by everyone who knows him, despite being born in the wild. Share this heartwarming story with your fellow dog lovers.


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