Watch How This Employee Fights With An Alligator Who Escaped From Water

Ever since the tragic death of the two-year-old boy at the hands of an alligator in Walt Disney World of Orlando, the company has been under a bit of fire from the media.

Naturally, you shouldn’t always pick up with every hate mob on the internet so like any other good citizen I eagerly awaited more information, only to find this shocking video.

First of all, it should be common sense that you shouldn’t feed a wild predator, it will only entice the beast further into your “territory”, so I don’t blame that one entirely on Disney, but for them to ignore the warnings from their employees? Second off, if I was a Disney employee and they suddenly deemed “fending off alligators” a part of my job description I better be getting paid the vastly larger sum for that to happen.

Whoever is in charge should not be allowed to get away with ignoring actual safety warnings to maximize profit, that isn’t something the people should even allow. The best thing we can do is to look at all these preventable tragedies and ask ourselves what we can each do to help change things!


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