Mother Comes Running After Seeing Doberman Throw Toddler Across Yard, Then She Realizes Why…

Catherine Svilicic was faced with a bit of fear when they adopted their new dog. She was not sure if the dog would be great with their 17-month-old daughter, Charlotte. Khan, a Doberman, who was a rescue dog, had lived a life full of abuse, being beaten and starved. The shelter even thought they might have to put him down.

The Svilicic family wanted to adopt him, and they brought him home, wary of introducing him to their daughter.

Only 4 days after his adoption, Khan and Charlotte were playing outside in their backyard in Atherton, Australia. Catherine was watching them from the window when she saw Khan focused on something, and began to become slightly aggressive.

Khan began to push the toddler, but she wasn’t moving, so he took a more drastic measure.

“So he grabbed her by the back of the nappy and threw her over his shoulder more than a meter like she was a rag doll,” said Catherine, who was horrified as she watched the event unfold right in front of her eyes.

Only a few seconds later she realized why. A king brown snake emerged from under the house and bit the dog. If it were not for Khan, the snake would have bitten Charlotte.

The king brown snake is one of Australia’s ten most dangerous snakes. It holds the record for the greatest venom output of all the snakes in the world. Khan collapsed after running inside to escape the snake, and struggled throughout the night, but was luckily able to receive the anti-venom shot in time, and made a complete recovery.

Khan’s new family only grew to love him more after he saved Charlotte, and they cannot imagine their lives without him.

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