Dog Left Abandoned With Unbelievable Message Written On Its Fur Gets Happy Ending

The word “Free” was scrawled with heavy marker across a scared dog’s fur. “I need a home” was also scribbled on her head. Shannon Bettencourt couldn’t believe what she was seeing when she saw the dog sitting by a tree near a Chinese restaurant in Benicia, California. She was walking home from work and the dog was whimpering and scared.  Shannon wasn’t sure exactly what to do next.

The first thing I thought was to call the police but then I was like no, they’re just going to call animal control. I didn’t know what could happen from there. I was like no way, I’ll at least keep her for the night,” she told KTVU News

She brought her home and they had an immediate bond. Shannon named the abandoned dog Libby (short for Liberty) and soon discovered the dog was very friendly, well-trained and housebroken. Although Shannon can’t understand why someone would dump the sweet dog, she said it was a blessing in disguise.

“Somebody just kind of treated her like trash but she ended up being my treasure,” said Shannon.


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Source:  DogHeirs

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