Pit Bull Was Abandoned At Dumping Site By Owner. But Look What Happened In Just 30 Minutes…

The footage of a Pit Bull mix abandoned at an illegal dumping site in Kansas City, Missouri is absolutely heartbreaking.   Mojave, the dog,  was seen by a codes enforcement officer 8 days after he was pushed from a car and left behind.

dog adopted after 30 minutes

Mohave chased after his humans until he could no longer keep up.  When animal control sent officers back to the scene, Mojave was still waiting for someone to return. He was cold and hungry.  After a visit to the vet, doctors determined he was otherwise in good health.

dog adopted after 30 minutes

The KC Pet Project took the sweet boy into their rescue and almost immediately posted the good news on Facebook.

dog adopted after 30 minutes

Investigators traced the car’s license plate to Mojave’s previous owner, and he has been charged with animal abandonment, not having a proper pet license, allowing an animal to run at large, and neglecting to have a Pit Bull breed neutered.

Despite the tragic and upsetting circumstances, I think we can all agree that Mojave struck gold with his new family, and a new dog buddy to boot!

To donate to help other dogs just as deserving of a happy ending, please visit the KC Pet Project’s donation page.


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