Heartbroken Dog Adopts Orphan Puppies After She Loses Her Own Litter

Honey, a 4-year-old Coonhound, collapsed starving and pregnant on a stranger’s porch earlier this year. The humans rushed Honey to the vet, but sadly, none of her babies survived the ordeal.

A nurturing soul, Honey felt lost and heartbroken without her pups. Her heartbreak didn’t last long.

dog adopts orphan puppies

The humans of Bluegrass Senior Dog Rescue had taken in 9 pups who were orphaned when their mom was hit by a car.

Honey immediately bonded with the puppies, nursing them, loving them and even keeping an eye on them while they got their first bath!

dog adopts orphan puppies

When Honey’s not showing her cuties the ways of the world, the new family spends lots of time snuggling in a puppy pile.

The rescue has set up a fundraising page to help with the care of Honey and her new puppies, who are currently in a loving foster home.


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