What This Photographer Captures On His Camera Will Make Your Heart Smile

Five-year-old Cade Matthews had just finished lunch on Tuesday, when Jillian the dog did her usual thing: hop up in the chair and snuggle up close to her favorite boy.

Photographer Meredith Brown, who is soon to be Cade’s stepmom, seized the moment to capture these guys’ special relationship.

“Cade loves animals! We don’t really give him a choice though,” Meredith told us.

dog and boy

Indeed, it’d be near-impossible not to love the furry critters in this family.

Meredith is a public school teacher, on top of taking gorgeous photos, and has a long background working with shelter pets. Most recently, she’s been getting her students involved with animal rescue and advocacy.

Her fiance Kevyn Matthews, Cade’s dad, is a chef, who specializes in cooking for dogs.

Kevyn even owns a Baltimore *restaurant for dogs,* called The Dog Chef Cafe.

dog and boy

Meredith adopted Jillian about a half a decade ago from BARCS, the city shelter, even before she and Matthews had started dating.

At the time, Jillian “was emaciated, had long nails and clearly had been neglected for a long time,” Meredith says.

dog and boy

Obviously, not anymore.

Now Jillian’s healthy and the opposite of neglected, with the constant company of three other dogs and a 17-year-old cat.

Plus, of course, her mom and dad — and her most beloved brother.

dog and boy

To be sure, Jillian knows her place in this busy household.

It’s next to Cade (or, someone else, if they happen to be within sight). According to Meredith, “Jillian forces her way onto everyone’s chair or lap. If we are home, she’s sitting that way with someone. Or curled up with another dog.”

dog and boy

Soon, Jillian, and the whole fantastic crew, will have a new little human to love.

Meredith and Kevyn are expecting a baby this spring.

dog and boy

They know the baby is a boy. They also feel pretty darn confident that he’ll love Jillian, and probably all of the Earth’s other animals.

“Kids that I’m involved with don’t get much of a choice,” Meredith says.

We at BarkPost are very excited for the family — and we sure can’t wait to see the pictures.

dog and boy


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