Helpful Hints For Taking Care Of Your Dog When You Have A Full Time Job

You may not have the luxury of taking your dog to your office every day, and you feel guilty saying goodbye to your furry friend every morning, but there are ways that you can bring home the kibble and still be an excellent pup parent.

1.Find out where your dog feels most comfortable.

Fido may feel safer in a crate, or he could enjoy being the king of the castle during the workweek. Figure out where your dog is most happy.  Some dogs are total crate dogs, others are cool with spending the day in one sectioned off room with their comfy bed and a bowl of water.


2. Leave something that smells like you behind.

Any t-shirt that you’ve worn but haven’t washed will do. Leave it in their bed or crate.  Your dog will feel more comfortable snuggling with Mommy or Daddy’s shirt, almost as if they are actually there in person.


3. When you have the time, spend it with your pup.

This means that when work is over, instead of heading for Happy Hour, opt to spend some quality time with your pup. When you get home, take your dog for a longer walk or to the park so they feel extra loved. Our dogs will love you unconditionally no matter what, but spending that extra quality time with them will make them look forward to seeing you even more at the end of the day.


4. Get a reputable walker.

Snow beard.

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Find someone trustworthy to walk your dog while you’re at work, whether it’s a certified dog-walking company or a neighbor that’s home during the day. Bonus points if your walker knows doggy CPR!


5. Try to sneak home during the day if you work close enough.

Popping in to see your pup during your lunch break is therapeutic for both of you. Your dog will be so excited to see you and it’s always good to check on things at home. Not to mention, seeing his goofy face may just give you the push you need to get through the rest of the work day!


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