6 Months After Adopting Dog With Severe Anxiety, New Owner Finally Discovers What She Loves…

Here is the story about a dog named Penni.  Penni was found living in the basement of a drug house and was in pretty bad shape. That all changed after she was rescued and adopted by a man named Blaine.

The first six months of her new life with Blaine, Penni would not even make eye contact. She just sat in the corner with her head down unwilling to go on walks. He said, “She was a full-blown disaster.” He said he had never met a dog so scared of everything.

Blaine and Penni moved from New Jersey to Las Vegas, where Penni’s true passion would be discovered. Blaine began taking her on hikes, and her demeanor slowly started to change. Little by little, she finally came out of her shell.

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