Mother Documented The Touching Friendship Between Her Baby And Rescue Dog Nora In Photos

Dogs often protect babies, but for a rescued English Pointer named Nora,and her baby friend Archie, it was the other way around.   

Animals and babies are the most innocent and endearing of creatures!  

Nora was adopted into a loving family with three cats and an adorable human baby. She was rescued from an abusive home and because of the cruelty she’d endured for so long, Nora was very skittish and afraid of almost everything.  She was unexpectedly drawn to baby Archie. When their mom, Elizabeth Spence saw their growing bond, she decided to document their heartwarming friendship.

Despite Nora’s timidness, she and Archie became instant friends.

Elizabeth photographed them cuddling with soft toys, showing that Nora is really just a baby at heart.

This picture of Archie with a doggie plush and Nora with a toy baby is one of our favorites!

Nora is so sweet and gentle that even the family’s cats want to snuggle with her.

The other rescue dogs also get to join in on napping with Archie and Nora.

The dogs are kind and affectionate, but Elizabeth reassures that Archie and the dogs are never left unattended and only nap together under her supervision.

The two best friends seem to love napping, but also enjoy gazing at the great outdoors.

Archie loves Nora, and shows his devotion by wearing her colors and spots.

Elizabeth hopes to bring attention to rescued dogs like Nora and show how big dogs can be wonderful friends for children and infants.

Despite her history of abuse, Nora proves that rescued dogs are capable of loving just as much as any other dog.

Little by little, Archie has helped Nora heal and become closer to her new family. Their friendship is truly the sweetest one ever.


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