Stray Dog Found With Shockingly Massive Cancerous Tumor Gets The Treatment She Desperately Needs

Animal Aid Unlimited, in India spotted a stray dog named Missy.  She was walking the streets with a large tumor growing near her rear and they suspected cancer. When they finally rescued Missy, the confirmed she had a cancerous sexually transmissible disease called– canine transmissible venereal tumor.

When the animal rescue workers saw the size of the tumor, they feared the tumor may be too advanced. When a dog has this type of tumor and it’s treated early, it will usually shrink and be gone.

Missy’s tumor however, was enormous and was causing incredible pain for the poor dog. Rescue workers tried approaching Missy, but she was reluctant to receive help from humans and ran away.

They finally were able to catch her with a net. Once they took Missy to the vet for an examination, they debated euthanasia.  But Missy has such a strong life-force that they knew they had to give her a chance.

Missy was on chemotherapy for 4 months, and the cancer has disappeared!  Take a look at healthy Missy today!


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