Dog Dumped At Vet To Be Put Down, Owners Insisting He’s “Too Yucky To Live”

Nik Nak was dropped off by his owners at a local vet and told them the “put him down; he’s too yucky.” The vet technicians were appalled by what they said.

Thankfully, Nik Nak is no longer in their hands. The amazing team of vets bathed him for the first time; and nursed the little guy back to health.

Because he was not properly taken care of, he had scabs all over his face. Eventually, with the team’s help, he began to look a bit better.

Kam Nurock decided to take the little guy in as a foster parent. She looked after him and prepared him for that beautiful day when he was finally adopted for good by a family who would treat him well.

It was only after a few weeks, Kam realized that she had finally found the dog she had been waiting for; and that Nik Nak had been home all along!

Please watch Nik Nak’s incredible journey below.

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