Abandoned Dog Discovered Roadside Can’t Stop Kissing Rescuer

Judy Obregon spotted a stray dog while driving down a desolate road in Texas. This was an area known to many as a dog dumping ground. When she got out of the car, she heard the stray whimpering and crying.

The dog was limping and placed her head in Judy’s hand. The makeshift leash she had around her neck indicated she was originally tied to a pole or fence but had broken free. The poor dog just sat waiting for her owners to come back for her.

Judy immediately put Callie in the car and began to drive away. Callie just wanted to thank her rescuer, and she did so with lots and lots of kisses.

Judy took Callie to the vet for a checkup, and Callie was deemed perfectly healthy. She did have a slight limp, but she will quickly recover from that.

dog kisses rescuer

Callie is being fostered while awaiting her adoption. Her life is now filled with love and happiness, all thanks to Judy who drove down the right road, at the right time!

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