Dog In Sad Condition Approaches Their Porch Before Hurricane Irma, So They Take Her In…

People throughout the State of Florida began preparing their homes and yards for the incoming storm, Hurricane Irma. Even people who were not in evacuation zones removed debris from their yards, boarded up their windows, and got their houses prepared for rain and flooding.

While one woman was getting her yard ready, she noticed a skinny white dog across the street. When she called to the dog, she quickly ran over to her house and walked right onto her porch.

The woman told the dog’s story on Imgur. She wrote:

“While I was out prepping our yard for big Irma badness here in central Florida, I saw this sweetie across the street. I called to her like I would take any dog, and she cautiously walked over. Even looked both ways before crossing the street. She is a smart cookie. She let me pet her a bit but looked pretty nervous at any loud noises or if I moved too fast.”

dog lost in hurricane

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