Their Dog Loves Bananas So Much, They Find Him Hoarding An Entire Bunch Of Them

This is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Meet Vixon, the banana-loving pooch who can’t seem to get enough bananas in his life…we truly think it’s just bananas. 

dog loves banana

“Whenever anyone is eating a banana, he’ll follow them around, jump up and try and get it,” Kayla said. And it’s not just the sight of the banana that gets Vixon.

dog loves banana

“Even if I just say the word ‘banana’ he’ll stare at me and follow me until I give him some,” Kayla adds. “I usually just rip bananas up into pieces and give it to him like that.”

dog loves banana

Maybe Vixon just really knows the importance of getting his daily dose of potassium. Can’t blame him for that.


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