Every Day, This Heartbroken Dog Patiently Waits For His Owner To Come Home…

The photo of a dog lying before a memorial has left thousands heartbroken for his family. The pup’s owner, Abraham Martinez, was recently killed in a car accident, and Jax waits every day for him to come home.

dog mourns owner after death

“We love [Abraham] deeply, need him desperately, and miss him enormously,” Abraham’s sister, Alexandra Martinez, said. She added:

“My family and I are in complete shock, denial, sadness, anger, frustration, and deep, deep pain all in one.”

dog mourns owner after death

The family has received an enormous amount of support online—many feeling a particular type of heartbreak for Jax, who still expects Abraham to walk through the door.

Alexandra said Jax has started to “mope around the house, which is completely unlike him,” adding that he “walks around the house as if he’s looking for something and when he gives up he just sighs and sleeps.” Since Abraham passed, the pup has hardly touched his food.

“He usually sleeps with my other dog,” she said, “but lately he’s been sleeping in the middle of the living room or right outside my brother’s room.”

The Martinez family is beyond touched by the response to Jax’s memorial photo, though, Alexandra said, “It is going to be incredibly hard to fill this void in each of our lives and in our family.”

dog mourns owner after death


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