Lost Dog Has Her Mugshot Taken After Officer Charges Her With Criminal Cuteness

Every once in a while a mugshot goes viral. It’s usually because the subject of the photo is incredibly attractive – and somehow, the internet is routinely shocked by the idea that attractive people may also be criminals – but the subject of the latest mugshot sensation is rather fluffy – that’s not a euphemism.

dog mugshot

On July 11, the Tarpon Springs Police Department in Florida captured a criminal on the loose. Her name was Willow and she was caught sneaking around a neighborhood, likely looking to steal the bacon right from people’s homes!

Police promptly arrested her and booked her on charges of criminal cuteness. The pupper didn’t have much to say for herself and refused to tell the officers where she lived. She did not have a driver’s license or other identification on her at the time.

dog mugshot

The offender was in the slammer for a few hours until one of her owners came to bust her out. Now Willow’s back at home and hopefully no longer living a life of crime.


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