Dog Protects Terrified Kitten From The Loud Thunderstorm

Storms can be pretty unsettling. There’s a lot of loud crash-booms that make us humans nervous. To an animal’s sensitive ears, these sounds can be downright terrifying. They don’t know what’s going on. They only know that they don’t like that awful noise!

Our pets often cuddle up with us for security during these uncertain times, but one kitten cuddled up to her best friend instead.

dog protects kitten

Reddit user YungDemon posted photos of his roomate’s pup cuddling the cat while she experienced the first storm of her life.

No humans were home when the storm started. When YungDemon returned to his home, he saw his cat taking shelter under the paws of the dog.

dog protects kitten

The pup wasn’t too thrilled about the storm either, but she still protected her little best friend from the evil sounds of the thunder!

High paws, pup!


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