Dog Protects 4-Year-Old Girl Who Gets Lost In The Woods For 11 Days

The Siberian forest is so big that one could easily get lost, and it is home to many species.  When  4-year-old Karina Chikitova wandered into the dense forest, she got lost.  Thankfully, her faithful pal, her dog Kyrachaan was by her side. 

Hundreds of people searched days for the child, and although Karina was scared, her dog Kyrachaan deterred the wolves and bears. He also kept her warm when the temperatures went below zero. 

dog protects lost girl

After a week of searching, the rescuers were on the verge of giving up. But out of the blue, Kyrachaan showed up, led rescuers towards Karina’s direction. In a bed of tall grass, around 4 miles away from their village, they found Karina. Although she was very weak and scared, miraculously, she suffered from mild scratches, and several bug bites.

dog protects lost girl

When Karina saw Kyrachaan, all she said was, “Why did you leave me?”

Karina’s story of survival became famous all over the world. A statue was unveiled at the Yakutsk Airport in honor of Karina and her dog Kyrachaan. dog protects lost girl

How Kyrachaan protected Karina is an amazing testament to the loyalty that our four-legged friends can show! 


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