Dog Makes 10-Mile Trek Back To Shelter To Be With Dog He Bonded With There

Ben, a 4-year-old mixed breed, and Jade, a 1-year-old German Shepherd mix were stray dogs met on the streets of Terre Haute and fell in love. Everyone in the Indiana community knew them well. Good Samaritans fed the pair, but when Jade became pregnant last summer, the Terre Haute Humane Society rescued them and brought them to the shelter.

The bonded pair were kept in the same kennel until Jade had her puppies. Jade stayed in a foster home until the puppies could be adopted out. The new mother and father were then reunited back at the shelter until Courtney and Jason Lawler decided to adopt Ben.

dog returns to shelter for mateBen (left) and Jade (right) are canine sweethearts.

Ben was in their home for about three weeks when he ran away to find his beloved mate. He trekked 10 miles through the freezing cold until he found his way back to Jade at the shelter a day later.

Ben clearly wanted to reunite with Jade. “The shelter workers wanted to catch him and were using Jade to lure him out,” said Kali Skinner, of the Humane Society.

On one occasion, Ben caught sight of Jade and ran over to her and kissed her through the fencing.

After several attempts, shelter staff managed to catch the evasive Ben and reunite him with Jade. The bonded pair were overjoyed when they saw each other. When Courtney and Jason learned what Ben had done, they knew they had to rescue Jade too. “He’d keep getting loose if we took him and not her,” Courtney said.

Ben and Jade “want to be together,” said Debbie Floyd, president of the Humane Society board. “There hasn’t been a lot of human love in their lives. They found love with each other and that what’s makes them happy. Hopefully, they will live their lives happily ever after.”

dog returns to shelter for mate

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