Woman Sees Strange Dog Getting Riding Her Mini-Horse In The Middle Of The Night

Callie Schenker arrived home to her farm in Missouri and saw something she did not expect: Her one-eyed miniature pony, Cricket, was giving a ride to her neighbor’s corgi.

Schenker captured the hilarious scene on video.

“I was astounded,” Schenker said. “I had no idea that, on the one hand, the dog could ride. And two, that Cricket was letting him do it.”

The video immediately went viral, racking up more than 6 million views. Some viewers were skeptical, telling Schenker they didn’t believe the corgi just happened to be on top of Cricket like that.

“People said I must have put the corgi up there. Tied him on there,” Schenker said. “People were like, ‘That’s a corgi, he can’t just get up on that pony.’ I’m like, ‘He just did.’”

Schenker had no idea that Cricket and the corgi were hanging out, nevermind that they are riding buddies. She wondered exactly this pair was accomplishing their circus-like trick.

She got her answers. Schenker was inside the house “putting on makeup,” she said when she heard some noises outside. She looked out her window, and once again, there was Cricket, being ridden by his corgi friend again.

“The corgi is like a captain,” Schenker said.

This time, she caught the corgi jumping onto Cricket on her phone.

The corgi began to jump and jump until he was able to hop on Cricket’s back.

“I kinda had a hunch that’s how he did it. But it was cool to really see. And to see Cricket actually play around with him was cool,” Schenker said.

Cricket, who is about 5 years old and 3 feet tall, has been living with Schenker and her husband Bob for about a year.

The couple found Cricket for sale for just $80 at an auction when he was very underweight.

dog rides miniature pony

Schenker said Cricket was just a tiny pony who “didn’t look like much” but she instantly smitten.

“I just fell in love with him,” Schenker said. “I told my husband, I have to have this pony.”

dog rides miniature pony

Even when he’s not carrying corgis, Cricket, who lost an eye in an accident about seven months ago is exactly as charming and delightful as you might imagine.

Cricket follows Schenker around “like a dog,” she says. He’s now put on a healthy amount of weight and likes belly rubs.

Cricket is so gentle and sweet that he helps the family’s more nervous horses learn to trust.

“He ‘gentles’ them down,” Schenker said.

dog rides miniature pony

The corgi, whose name is Roper, lives with a family about a mile away, and seems to be a “free spirit,” she said. Roper keeps showing up at her house sometimes to play with her two Chihuahuas, Taco and Red, in addition to his antics with Cricket.

dog rides miniature pony

Schenker now knows how the corgi gets up onto her pony’s back.


In the meantime, she likes to imagine these buddies having all sorts of adventures together in Cricket’s 15-acre pasture.

“No telling what they do when we’re gone,” Schenker said.

dog rides miniature pony

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