Rescue Dog Saves Her Labrador Brother In The Most Unexpected Way

The beautiful Pit Bull named Athena was adopted from Guardians of Rescue this January. She was taken into a loving home with her humans and her 9 year old Labrador brother named Charlie.

dog saves family

Charlie and Athena have a bond deeper than friendship. You see, Charlie has epilepsy. He had been suffering from a seizure at least once every two weeks – that is until Athena came into his life.

In the past 7 months, Charlie has only had one seizure. His humans believe that Athena’s calming and loving influence is the reason for this positive change in their Labrador’s health.

dog saves family

The pups’ mom says:

“She is such a sweet loving girl and so wonderful to everyone, especially children! She not only has given us so much joy and Pit Bull-y silliness and love, but most of all the life she has brought back to our 9-year-old Lab is undoubtedly amazing since she’s been with us.

During the 24 hours after Charlie’s only seizure this year, Athena never left his side. She mothered him the entire time.

The pair have such a deep bond that we’re sure it was destiny that they find each other!

We wish Charlie, Athena and their humans the happiest and healthiest of times together.


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