Security Camera Captures Neighborhood Dog Saving Woman From Attack By Random Stranger

Folks living on this street in Montenegro have been caring for a dog named Medo for the last five years.  They open their homes and hearts to the sweet-natured stray. Medo recently went above and beyond for the sake of one of his friends.

And is now being hailed a hero.

dog saves woman from attack

When one of the women from Medo’s street was returning home from the market she was approached by an unknown man wearing a yellow jacket. Medo looked on as the man proceeded to attack the woman from behind, knocking her to the ground.

Medo immediately leaped into action, biting the man and chasing him away.

The entire incident was caught on neighbor Vladan Pavicevic’s security camera, leaving no doubt who ended the vicious attack.

“While she was watching the video the next day she said, ‘Medo saved me. God, Medo saved me!'” Pavicevic said.

What makes Medo’s actions all the more remarkable is that the dog has never once shown aggression to anyone before. In fact, Medo has always been quite timid.

Thankfully, the woman was only slightly bruised in the attack and indeed, things could have been much worse if it weren’t for her canine hero.

“On that day, Medo got a royal lunch from her,” Pavicevic said.

dog saves woman from attack

The video above has since been viewed thousands of times around the world making Medo a hero. The dog doesn’t live as a traditional pet, folks in the neighborhood consider him part of their collective family.

“He has places to live in three houses on the street and more than 15 yards of neighbors. He has the freedom to choose how much time he will be in the house, in the yard or on the street,” Pavicevic said. “We are blessed to have Medo and to have such an awesome neighborhood.”

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