Couple Hired A Dog Sitter To Watch Over Their Baby. But You Have To See The Updates He Sent Them…

dog sitter updates

Finding a good dog sitter is one of the most important things a parent can do before they go on vacation and leave their furbaby behind. When this couple went away for 10 days, they must have searched long and hard to find the perfect sitter for their adorable Wilson.

Each day they were gone, the sitter sent them an update on their pup’s status. But he didn’t just take a photo or even record a video of Wilson eating or sleeping, this guy put on quite the production! Each day, Wilson turned into a different character, with a unique voice and costume. There was Nonna Wilson, who wanted you to try her pasta, Harley Wilson, the gritty biker dude, Nurse Wilson, and much more. (Of course, Wilson played each role brilliantly.)

Clearly the dog’s parents loved getting these updates. Would you hire this guy to babysit your pup while you’re away?


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