Try This Very Easy DIY Solution For Removing Dog Stains From Your Carpet

Clover House blog by DeeDee posted this very simple solution to pet stains on your carpet.

If you’re like DeeDee, it’s constant keep up with pets and carpet stains, and nothing seemed to work.  That’s when she went the DIY route…


Trevor, 16 years old, started having accidents in the house, and the light carpet didn’t stand a chance.


DeeDee came up with a two-ingredient solution of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dish soap for the set-in stains.


She mixed equal parts of the two liquids into a container big enough to dip the brush into.


Once thoroughly mixed, she used a stiff-bristled brush to rub the mix into the stained areas making sure to completely saturate the carpet.


She lets it sit for about 30 minutes before blotting up any remaining moisture with paper towels. Go over the area with the vacuum and… that’s it!



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