Husband And Wife Are Riding Bikes When They Notice Something Peeking Up From Ditch…

As Lukaz Moniowski and his wife Natalia were enjoying a nice and relaxing bike ride along the countryside in Poland, they noticed something odd peaking up from a ditch. As they got closer, they realized what they were seeing. And it was something no one ever wants to find alone and abandoned.

“My wife said, ‘Oh, a dog.’ And we stopped,” said Muniowski.

That’s right. Hiding in a ditch was a little poor puppy. As they stopped and walked closer, the poor puppy tried her best to move into a drain. But they noticed something weird about the way she was moving. It was kind of rickety, and it wasn’t normal.

dog stuck in ditch

“Her run…was very awkward. Her back was in the air, the back legs were wobbly and didn’t touch the ground. It’s really strange to describe, because I’ve never seen anything like it,” commented Muniowski.

But this couple was determined to help the dog. So they did their best. The puppy had gone to a place with a big stone, so Lukaz started to dig with his hands under it. Natalia’s job was to watch to see if the dog would leave on the other side.

But the puppy wasn’t happy, and began to growl. But it wasn’t the growl that you may think. It wasn’t a scary growl, according to Lukaz.

dog stuck in ditch

“When I was finally able to move the stone and put my hand slowly in there…she smelled stand then put her paws on my hand,” Lukaz recalled.

Muniowski finally had earned her trust, and was able to scoop her up into his arms. The two immediately rode back to town, hoping to find a vet as soon as they could. The puppy was skinny and covered in filth. But the main concern was her back legs.

When they got to the vet, they determined that the puppy, dubbed Bobby, had either gotten hit by a car, or caught inside a hunting trap. And with her injuries so severe, and the fact she had been like that for at least 3 weeks, the vet wasn’t sure what kind of quality of life this puppy would have.

dog stuck in ditch

“He suggested that we put her down, because there’s no point in making this dog suffer if we don’t find her a home first. That was when we made the decision that we’ll take her. We just looked at each other and we knew that we want to have this puppy,” said Muniowski.

The vet did what he could for Bobby, and then the couple took her home. They were disappointed that he wouldn’t operate on her legs, saying that it was too risky. But after they got home, they found one who would.

As a result, one of Bobby’s legs had to be amputated, but luckily the bones in the other leg were put back together, and it healed. After, the vet fitted her with a brace that would hopefully help her in walking.

dog stuck in ditch

“She’s very loving and kind. She loves when we fall asleep together. She sometimes hugs us with her paws and rests her head on our knees and lays like that for hours,” said Muniowski.

We are so happy that Lukaz and Natalia were there to help Bobby, and are now able to give her the best possible life. She is so extremely loved!

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