Firefighters Show Up To Rescue A Dog Who Was Stuck On Roof For Three Days

Youngstown, Ohio, firefighters came to the rescue of a scared pup that had been stuck on her roof for three days. It turns out the dog had escaped through a hole in the attic. The dog’s owner showed up during the rescue. He said he’d been staying with a friend for the past week and wasn’t sure how the dog escaped.


Image via WKBN

Image via WKBN
It took the firefighters an hour to safely get the dog off the roof.


Image via WKBN
She was about 30 pounds underweight, and after being on the roof for three days, quite hungry. Experts say they don’t think she’d eaten in a week. The rescue personnel treated her to french fries once she was back on solid ground.


Image via WKBN
The owner signed ownership of the dog to the county, but her story doesn’t end there. Youngstown firefighter Kyle Trimble, one of her heroes, adopted her. He wasn’t looking for a dog, but says he’s glad he found her.


Image via WKBN
“With this situation, it just kind of seems right, and she has herself a good home and she is a good fit for me,” Trimble said. “She is an amazing dog. She is really good around other people and other dogs. She is just a real lovable type of dog.”


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