Dog Surrendered To A Shelter Finds A Family In Less Than A Day

Jubilee, a hopelessly devoted one-year-old pup, certainly suits her name. She’s a happy, bouncy, unyieldingly loving dog with no interest in straying far from her human. But for some reason we don’t understand, this is exactly why she was surrendered to theMontgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas.

Rescue coordinator Minda Harris told The Huffington Post that the fact that Jubilee “always wanted to be by [her owner’s] side” wasn’t the only thing that drove him to give her up. She apparently chewed the sofa, baseboards, and couch cushions as well, and her human hoped that she might find a home perhaps more adept at managing her issues.

dog surrendered in shelter

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to know that that something as uncontrollable as shelter population often determines an otherwise amazing dog’s fate. If at any time there came a demand for kennel space, Jubilee would be put down.

One woman who witnessed the surrender noticed the “anxiety ridden” dog in the intake room, clearly confused and frightened at how she’d ended up there.

The power of social media never disappoints, though, and as word of her story spread, adoption forms came flooding in. Jubilee had a new family within only a day of losing her previous one. Samantha Fewox had the pleasure of welcoming this girl into her home, and Jubilee has bonded just as strongly with her teenage son.

dog surrendered in shelter

“It touched me. She loved so much,” she told The Huffington Post. “I knew I was supposed to have her.” While many will see Jubilee’s former owner as simply shunning her affection, Fewox says she couldn’t be happier. “I am so thankful he made the decision to do that or we would not have this sweet little dog in our life.”

dog surrendered in shelter

For a pup that wasn’t getting the attention she needed and went about getting it the wrong way, the situation seems to have worked out perfectly for everyone involved.

It was clear from the start that Jubilee may have some anxiety issues causing destructive behaviors, but that’s something Fewox is more than ready to work through together. She’s prepared to get a trainer’s help, and they will do whatever is necessary for Jubilee to find contentedness in her forever home.

dog surrendered in shelter

She’s even got a fellow rescued sister to play with—what could be better? “I think it was meant to be,” Fewox said, and even Jubilee would have a tough time disagreeing.

dog surrendered in shelter


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