11 Dogs And A Cat Head To The Beach With An Animal Trainer And The Footage Will Brighten Your Day!

An animal trainer and rescuer uploaded this hilarious video from her day at the beach with 11 dogs and a rescue cat. It is sure to be the best three minute distraction you’ll see all day. In the video set to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” the dogs and cat play on the beach and swim in the shallow water. They look like they’re having the best day ever!

The woman explains that when dogs complete her training program, she offers to take them to dog friendly beaches and let them play together, while continuing to practice the training they’ve learned. On this particular day, she brought 11 dogs to the beach, along with her two-year-old cat Didga, whom she adopted from a shelter. All these furry friends seem to be pretty “happy” playing together.

happy pets


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