The 21 Ways Dogs Express Their Undying Love For You

Just like humans, dogs all have their own different ways of expressing their love and affection for you. Sometimes, it is such a small, every day act that we take it for granted. Here are 21 ways they show it!

1. When they WANT to eat the food on the counter, but choose not to

“It is probably the most delicious thing ever to exist, but I won’t eat it because I love you. Also because I can’t reach it. But mainly because I love you.”
2. When they stay in one place while in the car

“I’ll even lie down to stay out of your line of vision completely just because I want you to have an extra-amazing day.”
3. When they opt to roll in the mud instead of in animal poo

“This option didn’t smell or taste as nice, but I rolled in it anyway because I love you.”
4. When they bark at nothing at 2 p.m. rather than 2 a.m.


“I will save you from that suspicious bush in the neighbor’s yard when most people are awake.”

5. When they shake themselves off too far away to drench you


Source: Denver Bryan

“I think you could use a bath, too, but we can save it for another day.”

6. When they just cry at the door instead of scratching it to splinters


“I don’t know why you want a barrier between us, but I’ll accept it. Only for, like, two minutes, though.”

7. When they wait for you to wipe their paws before tracking mud all over the house


“I thought it added a nice touch to the decor, but whatever you say.”

8. When they tear up one of their toys instead of the whole couch

“The big thing you sit on looked like much more fun, but I’ll save it for a day when you come home late from work.”
9. When they leave you at least six inches of space to sleep on

“Now you can almost sleep comfortably!”
10. When they only eat the non-toxic things they find in the garbage


“The inevitable trip to the vet’s office wasn’t worth the temporary enjoyment of that foil chocolate wrapper.”

 11. When they pee on the dog-loving neighbor’s lawn instead of the grumpy neighbor’s mailbox
“The last dog that was here was that yippy Maltese from down the street. I’ve got greener pastures to claim.”
12. When they actually make a decision about going out or in and stick with it


“Standing at the open door for thirty seconds leaves less time for chasing squirrels.”

13. When they don’t make you feel like a terrible person for not sharing your food


“I reserve the huge-eyes-and-head-resting-on-your-lap technique for pizza and cheeseburgers only.”

14. When they lick their butt AFTER licking your face

Source: Tony R. Bennett via

“I think it’s important to take things slowly in our relationship.”

15. When they don’t bark at every single person that passes by your house


“Every human gets one free pass per two months.”

16. When they bring back the thing you just threw for them instead of leaving it on the other side of the yard


“You mean in order for you to throw it again, you need to have the ball in your possession? WHOA.”

17. When they don’t rip your arm off trying to meet other dogs on a walk


“I can resist smelling her butthole, but I can’t make any promises about that border collie up ahead.”

18. When they let you sleep in on your day off


“I think my bladder can wait to be emptied until at least 7:30 this morning.”

19. When they do their coolest trick in front of your friends instead of pretending like they don’t know it

Source: via

“Look! My human is actually pretty cool! And so am I, for that matter.”

20. When they act like getting their nails clipped isn’t a form of medieval torture


“You mean it doesn’t take two hours if I sit quietly? Mind. Blown.”

 21. When you look at each other and know that no matter what, you two will always be best friends


“I love you more than I love eating goose poop. And boy, do I love the taste of goose poop.”


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