Devo The Dog Can Always Be Found In The ‘Lasagna’ Bush

Devo the dog likes one bush in particular, and while it may look like any other bush, this one provides free pasta to pups passing by.

It actually only happened once, but Devo, years later, is still checking for more just in case.

dogs finding surprise snacks

Devo’s owner, WilcoFour, does raise some obvious questions: Namely, how did lasagna end up in a cemetery bush in the first place? Despite this only happening once, Devo keeps looking.

“He knows it’s there somewhere. He knows he is right and I’m wrong when I drag him away. That’s why he will be back there again next time. To eventually prove himself right,” WilcoFour told said. “I think his optimism is a beautiful thing!”

Devo is not the only hopeful pup who checks for lasagna, other pups have the same daily routines, and can be persistent

Twitter users are sharing their own stories of pups who refuse to give up believing that a random good thing can happen twice in the same spot.

dogs finding surprise snacks

dogs finding surprise snacks

Amid these charming tidbits about dogs dreaming of a sequel to that one delicious incident of yore, at least one person was brave enough to admit they do it too.

dogs finding surprise snacks

Now, if you’ll excuse us, it’s time to check the fridge again.

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