Pit Bull Loves To Cuddle With Her Guinea Pig Sisters

One San Francisco family doesn’t think their guinea pigs bossing around their pit bull Moki, is unusual.

Ever since Moki met her guinea pig sisters, she has never minded taking orders from them, especially when nap time rolls around, because they make the perfect pillow.

dogs love guinea pigs

After months of online research, Kristy Gamayo she decided to adopt Frida and Pandora. Eventually, she and her then-partner decided to visit San Francisco Animal Care and Control hoping to find the perfect dog to fit in with their growing family.

dogs love guinea pigs

“In the very last kennel, we saw a brindle pit bull dog who was sitting quietly on her cot. [She] didn’t run or bark at us, and was looking at us with her sad, innocent eyes, so we asked to see her,” Gamayo said. “Moki was 5 months old at the time and she was very friendly and playful — we knew we had to adopt her.”

dogs love guinea pigs

Gamayo wasn’t sure if Moki would get along with her guinea pigs, but when she introduced the trio, she was stunned.

dogs love guinea pigs

“Moki was really gentle with them from the beginning and the piggies were very curious about Moki,” Gamayo said. “The piggies would crawl up to Moki and smell her and Moki would lick them and lay with them. To this day, Moki and the piggies cuddle together and Moki likes to give them kisses.”

The interspecies siblings have only gotten closer over the last three years (which is supervised by Mom). Moki is very careful and affectionate with her guinea pig sisters.

“The piggies don’t mind the kisses and have never tried to bite Moki,” Gamayo added. “Frida and Pandora will sniff Moki and never try to run away. When Moki brings them her Nylabone or toys, they will sniff them and sometimes try to nibble on them.”

dogs love guinea pigs

Pandora is clearly the pack leader, stealing pets from her mom and fresh vegetables away from Frida. Pandora was found abandoned in Dolores Park, and the outgoing guinea pig has loved being around people and animals since Gamayo first brought her home.

dogs love guinea pigs

The trio is inseparable and has supported their mom and are Gamayo’s biggest fans.

“If I have a difficult day at work, I like to come home and lay with Moki and pet her, or just hold Frida and Pandora on my lap and pet them,” Gamayo said. “They really relax me and always make me laugh or smile … I love hearing their little noises, seeing their individual personalities, and watching them interact with Moki.”

The animals even helped their mom conquer heartbreak when her relationship ended. “All three have helped bring me comfort through the pain,” Gamayo added. “Moki’s sad eyes and sweet face always help to take any sadness away.”

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