Family Dog Refuses To Leave Baby Who Suffered A Stroke

Mary and John Hall of Minnesota had their lives turned upside down when their five month old daughter, Nora, suffered a stroke that caused severe brain damage.  The Halls had two Basset hounds that would not leave Nora’s bedside.

The doctors gave the Halls the most horrible news a parent can hear. Nora wouldn’t survive and the Halls would need to say their goodbyes to their baby girl. For the  next month, while Nora was undergoing treatment, two members of the Hall family never left her side.

It was Gracie and Grumpy, the Hall family’s two Basset hounds.

It was almost as if Gracie and Grumpy knew exactly what was going on, these dogs showed their beautiful compassion by never letting Nora out of their sight. Even during Nora’s last moments, Gracie and Grumpy were there.



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