Man Approaches 4 Dogs Who Were Surrounding A Blanket, Makes Startling Discovery Underneath…

Ulnas Chowdhury, a teacher at a local institution, was taking a walk through the woods near his house when he heard a baby crying.

Ulnas realized the sound was coming from the bushes and when he got closer, he saw four dogs. The four dogs were protecting something special, a baby girl, wrapped in a little pink blanket! The clever animals were watching out for her, and keeping her warm.

When Ulnas approached them, the dogs began barking and wagging their tails as if they were glad someone finally appeared to help the baby.

Ulnas gathered his neighbors, while one neighbor, Parveen Sen, picked up the baby and began to feed her some milk.

They brought the baby back to Ulna’s home and waited until the police arrived. The entire time, the dogs followed, refusing to leave her side.

These dogs protected the baby, even after she was handed over to the police.

The baby is now in good hands.  We are so thankful that these dogs had been looking out for her!

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