8 Tips To Get Your Dog Walking In Booties This Winter Season

1. Start Smallhow to get dogs wear boots 1

You can start by rewarding your dog a treat for looking at the boot. So, if you can get your dog to think “Hey, when I see that boot, I get a treat!” then you will be starting off in a really good place.

2. Place One Booty On One Pawhow to get dogs wear boots 2

Try placing one paw in a boot without fastening it and reward him a treat. Do this for a couple of training sessions, or until your dog is more focused on the treat than his boot.

3. Repeat Step TwoHow to get dogs wear boots 3

Repeat the previous step once for each paw. If you are thinking about skipping this step, stay strong and don’t do it! The patient will prevail.

4. Secure The Bootyhow to get dogs wear boots 4

If your dog gets comfortable with a loose bootie on each paw, try placing one bootie on, securing it, rewarding your dog, and then taking it off. Do this one time on each paw until he gets comfortable.

5. Fasten All BootiesHow to get dogs wear boots 5

Next is securing a bootie on each paw. Leave the booties on for a couple of seconds, reward him and then take them off. When your dog seems comfortable, gradually increase the amount of time he spends in his booties each training session.

6. The First StepsHow to get dogs wear boots 6

Encourage your dog to walk around the house in his booties and reward him constantly.

7. Indoor PlayHow to get dogs wear boots 7

Allow your dog plenty of time to get used to wearing his booties around the house before taking him outside. Make sure you bring plenty of treats and reward your dog.

8. Wearing Booties Just For FunHow to get dogs wear boots 8

Do whatever you can to help your dog build a positive association with his booties. This means having your dog wear his booties even just while playing or before eating meals.


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