Dogs Who Hate Mornings As Much As You Do

You know that moment when your alarm goes off at 6:30 am and all you can think about is everything you have to do that day and how much you wish you could just stay in bed forever, and then you realize, “Oh wait I can, because I am a dog and I have absolutely no responsibilities and the only thing on my schedule is eating, pooping, napping, and being loved?” Yeah, me neither.

We all have our own internal clock. And if yours is set to snooze, we get it. And so do they.

1. “I want to press the snooze button. But I KNOW myself.”


Source: @Luunimooney

2. “I said I was awake. I did not say anything about being ready for sunlight.”


Source: @halleratyou

3. You drool, you rule.


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4. Schnauzers gonna schnooze.


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5. When you’re having one of those dreams where you’re falling asleep, but then you wake up & it’s real.


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6. “I’ll get up in 10 minutes, I promise. Also, I’m totally lying.”


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7. “FINE. If you’re gonna make me get out of bed I’ll just have to take it with me.”


Source: Great Gatsby The Corgi

8. “Pawwease mom, I don’t want to go to school. I didn’t get my 18 hours.”


Source: @polotikiandi

9. This smush face is not going to be ready to face the day any time soon. Come back never.


Source: @junalie.g

10. “I will get out of bed under two conditions: 1. There will be food. 2. I can immediately go back to sleep.”


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