This Tiny Donkey Lost His Mother, But Found The Best New Home Possible

A tiny donkey, whose mother was hit by a car and killed on Saturday, is getting a second chance at life, thanks to some kind and persevering people.

donkey is rescued

Marina Melis and her group have been rescuing donkeys for 23 years on the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire.

donkey is rescued

When they heard about this baby donkey, newly orphaned, they welcomed him into Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire. They named him Perry.

“He is drinking from a bottle and is so sweet and brave,” the sanctuary wrote on Facebook. “He is with the other orphans in the stable so he doesn’t feel lonely!”

donkey is rescued

Sadly, Perry is not alone in his plight, as the rescuers at the sanctuary, who have helped hundreds of donkeys over the years, know too well.

Donkeys were originally brought over by colonizing Spaniards in the 17th century and were used to perform hard labor. Today, the donkeys often have to fend for themselves on the dry, barren island, where collisions with cars are all too common.

donkey is rescued

Thankfully, the donkey sanctuary is a god-send for donkeys who have no one else in the world to help them.


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