Dentist Brings His Dog Along To Work Every Day To Help Calm Nervous Patients

Dr. Paul Weiss, a pediatric dentist from Williamsville, N.Y., has reportedly trained his golden retriever, Brooke, to act as a therapy dog to calm the nerves of his young patients.

Dr. Paul Weiss

“If a child is afraid of getting her teeth cleaned, Brooke can sit next to them in the chair and the kid can have their hand on the dog,” Weiss told Buffalo Business First.

“The gratification of taking a nervous child and turning them into someone who’s comfortable at a dentist’s office is really something great,” he added.

Therapy dogs like Brooke can help patients ease tensions, lower blood pressure and increase positive attitudes.

Weiss added that Brooke is only called upon if the child wants her in the room, and is always accompanied by another staff member.

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