Hundreds Of People Rush To Help When Drunk Driver Hits A Truck Full Of Rescue Dogs

Nancy Cathey, owner of Cathey’s K-9 Rescue,  drives her rescue truck all over California pulling dogs from crowded shelters, picking up strays and abandoned pups, and accepting owner surrenders. She’s saved over 38,000 innocent lives this way since 2003!!!

driver flips truck full of dogs

When Cathey was returning from an adoption event on Saturday, February 27,  a drunk driver hit her truck’s rear and caused it to roll several times before finally resting upside-down. She had 15 dogs in transit and some of them got out of their cages and onto the freeway.

Firefighters on the scene cut Cathey out of the truck and she was rushed to an emergency hospital in Los Angeles, where it’s reported, she had minor injuries. With the help of many people, all 15 dogs were collected with no major injuries thankfully!. Tragically, for both rescued dogs and Cathey, the truck did not make it out alive.

driver flips truck full of dogs

A GoFundMe page set up to raise funds for a new truck has made outstanding progress, with over half its goal reached in just 3 days. Every dollar helps, and to Cathey’s supporters, friends and family, and especially the dogs who depend on her, it means the world.

Meanwhile, the dogs involved in the crash are with North Central Shelter in LA, which now refuses to release them without a $1,500 payment. It’s a “major disappointment,” according to a representative of Cathey’s K-9 Rescue, and the news is especially stressful considering the already high costs as a result of the accident.

While many commenters on the rescue’s Facebook post are clearly angered by the demand, we’ve been told they hope to retrieve the dogs very soon.


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