6-Year-Old Girl Rushes Into Action When She Sees Ducklings Trapped In A Pipe

Mia Rabii and her mom, Skye, were in Laguna Hills on Saturday afternoon. They noticed another family trying to flag them down.  After falling into a narrow Southern California drainage pipe, eight tiny ducklings were separated from their mom and dad and they found themselves in desperate need of help. That’s when their hero, a 6-year-old Laguna Niguel girl, came to the rescue. The family had happened upon the mother duck with a single duckling. The father waited nearby.

When they realized that they needed tiny arms to help rescue them, they asked for help. Like the brave girl she is Mia volunteered, “I can do it,” she told her mom, and she reached down into the pipe. Her arm went down into the pipe all the way to her shoulder and one by one she pulled the eight ducklings to safety where they were reunited with their worried mother.

Mia, is going to be Student of the Week at her school. Well, that’s not surprising and neither is the fact that she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

Take a look at the video below to see how Mia rescued those sweet baby ducklings.


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