This Wonderfully-Mannered and Well-Trained Dog Gets Dumped at Shelter. The Reason Will Make You Irate.

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Louie is a great dog – friendly, trained, well-behaved – the perfect family pet.  So why was he abandoned at a California animal shelter?  Because his “family” was going on vacation and couldn’t find a pet sitter!  Thankfully, he has been rescued from the shelter and hopefully will have a home soon.

His intake sheet at the Apple Valley Animal Shelter reads:

Crate trained and housebroken. Dog walks well with the gentle leader or halti. He is OK with some dogs and doesn’t like other dogs.  Just needs to be introduced properly.  Has never seen a cat before.  Has been around older kids.  Loves to run with his owner (Up to 3 miles).  Has always eaten Iams from a raised bowl.  Has never had any food issues.  Has been to lots of doggie training and is a very good traveler.

pet adoptions animal shelters


Sounds like a fantastic dog, and one that had been loved and well-cared for.  And a great traveler?  Why not plan a vacation he could go on, too?  The family said they couldn’t find anyone to take him over the summer, but that is impossible, because there are dozens of websites dedicated to dog sitters – is just one of many.  If you can afford dog training and a summer-long retreat, you can afford a pet sitter – no excuses.

Thankfully, it seems Louie has been saved.  It is unclear exactly who rescued him or where he’s headed, but for now the five-year-old pit bull mix is being fostered.

“LOUIE IS SAFE!! I got confirmation he was rescued! I hope Louie finds a great new family that will cherish him for the wonderful companion he is,” PetConnect.Us said.  “Happy life, sweet Louie! Things are looking up! WOO HOO!!”

pet adoptions animal shelters


If we find out more information on Louie, we will be sure to let you know.  In the meantime, follow these threads to stay up to date:


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