They Carved A 900 Pound Pumpkin Into An Elephant To Raise Awareness Of Unnecessary Killings

This 900lb pumpkin carving at the Bronx Zoo was designed and carved by Pumpkin Sculpt USA to help gain exposure for the organization 96 Elephants, which works to bring attention to the fact that 96 African Elephants are killed each day for their ivory and to support legislation to help save them. This piece was carved by professional sculptors Sue Beatrice, Andy Gertler, Jenn Cook and Julia Jankowski. This carving took them 18 hours to complete from start to finish.

More info:

900lb pumpkin elephant

It starts with a sketch

Firstly, we have to find the right pumpkin

Ready, set, go!

Time and patience

Now it’s time for the details

Some of the team’s other work