25 Pups Exercising Their Freedom To Be Ridiculously Patriotic

Is there anything more American than being obsessed with your dog? Perhaps taking pictures of your dog in the most ridiculously adorable patriotic outfits?  This Fourth of July, we are going to argue that dogs might just be a bit better at this whole country pride thing than we are. Sure, humans eat hot dogs on the Fourth of July, but what about wearing hot dogs? Here are 25 pups exercising their freedom to be ridiculously patriotic!

1. The Fourth of July is coming up, and this dog is probably more ready than you are.

2. If you want to start simple, a baseball hat is the easiest route.

3. But really, sunglasses are way cooler. Preferably aviators.

4. Think eating hot dogs are enough to prove your American pride? These hot dogs have hot dogs on their hot dogs.

So this is a real thing, Dachshunds racing hotdog costumes.

5. And this dog eats a hamburger for breakfast, lunch and dinner (but hopefully not actually because that would be very unhealthy).

My dog gets a hamburger on her birthday.

6. Don’t stop at just eating apple pie. Go for the strawberry shortcake… and better yet, try balancing it on your head.

7. Or, if you’re more about subtlety, this pup’s making it work in a jaunty neckerchief.

8. Revamping your home decor helps, too.

9. But the true patriots among us go big — like, dyed mohawk big.

10. Bow down to the this massive American bow, please.

11. We seriously hope this dress comes in human size.

12. Don’t be fooled: This dog may appear to be business in the front, but it’s all a party in the USA in the back.

patriotic dog

13. Think exercising your right to vote isn’t important? This pup knows what’s up.

14. If you want to earn your right to an ice cold Fourth of July beverage, ya gotta wave that patriotic pride.

15. Even an injury doesn’t need to hold you back.

16. The truly patriotic among us actually coat their homes from wall to wall with stars and stripes.

Go Team USA

17. And really, their entire bodies.

18. Whether in a towel or an actual flag.


19. Cold weather? No problem. There are always red, white and blue scarves to save you.

20. Even though America isn’t playing in the World Cup anymore, it’s still totally cool to embrace that country swag.

21. In fact, this Schnauzer appears to have actually played for team USA.

22. And if you can’t get on board with “football,” reignite your passion for the all-American version, like this retriever did.

23. Because every human should aspire to have as much patriotic spirit as this pup.

24. Or this pooch.

25. And the reward for all your blowout holiday efforts? Getting to sleep in the next day.