Fascinating Facts About Cats You Have Probably Never Heard Before

We’d do anything for our cats. They’re oh-so-cute, and admittedly a little oh-so-apathetic, but we still love ’em. Yet, how much do you really know about Mr. Whiskers? Well here are some facts about your cat you probably weren’t aware of!

1. Cats are often seen as aloof – doing what they want when they want. However, as it turns out, these furry felines can actually recognize their owners voice. So next time you call your kitty and they don’t respond, they’re choosing to do so.

2. Think it’s cute when your cat rubs themselves against you? Well, really what Fluffy is trying to do is claim you as her own “territory”. That’s right, your cat is claiming ownership over YOU.

3. In ancient Egypt, it was illegal to kill cats. Why? In large part, it was because they were revered by this ancient society and seen as sacred animals. Not to mention their proficiency at catching mice and snakes!

4. Dogs are always considered to be the smartest pet. They’re smart, sure, but what of cats? Turns out their brains may be smaller, but they are more similar to a human brain than a dog is. That may explain why cats have such complex personalities!

5. Move over dogs – cats are the most popular pet in town! There are about 88.3 million cats in the U.S.A., which is more than the 74.8 million estimated dog population.

6. Cats sleep for a whopping 70% of their life. Why is that?

In the wild, felines have to spend a lot of energy hunting and chasing their prey. As a result, they spend much of their time saving energy by sleeping!

If only humans could spend that much time sleeping too…

7. Cats meow to communicate with other cats, right? Wrong. They’re actually speaking to you! That’s right, Mr. Sparkles is trying to speak to you.

8. Men, having trouble in finding love in your life? Get a cat! Male cat owners are more lucky in love than those without, probably because they are seen as more sensitive and independent.

9. Cats are often depicted in movies as loving a good saucer of milk. Well, next time think twice about feeding your cat a bit of milk because they may actually be lactose intolerant! Kitties start becoming less lactose tolerant once they’ve been weaned off their mother’s milk.

10. Think Usain Bolt is fast? Well if he went up against the average house cat, he wouldn’t win a single race!

11. Is it possible for a cat to own money? Well the Italian cat Tommaso may just blow your mind.

When Tommaso’s widowed and childless 94 year old owner died, she him everything – including her entire $13 million fortune. That can buy you a whole lot of canned tuna!

12. The town of Talkeetna, Alaska is home to the world’s most beloved mayor – a cat named Stubbs. He has held his position as mayor for the past 19 years!

13. Cats are true carnivores – they have barely any taste buds able to detect “sweet” tastes. Dentists love them!

14. Dogs may have incredible hearing, but cats have incredible vocal chords. They are able to make up to 100 distinct sounds, while dogs can only make around 10.

Time to put together that kitty choir you’ve always dreamed of having!

15. One of cats most distinctive traits is their undeniable independence. Research has even shown that their path to domestication was somewhat self-directed. Cats would live near humans for all the tasty pests (mice, rats, etc.) we attract, and in return humans would leave scraps of food out for our furry friends. Eventually, spoiling these furry felines was enough to bribe them to stay with us.