Family Gathers An Entire Town To Honor A Fallen K9 Hero With Proper Burial

Rico is a military dog who served two full tours in Afghanistan and was involved in over 30 firefights. He not only survived but he kept his partner, Marine Staff Sgt. Russ Beckley Jr. safe as well.

The two were eventually brought home after a year apart and were then reunited. Rico was beginning to show signs of breakdown due to old age. The poor dog lived a stressful life and had been dodging bullets for 12 years.

Staff Sgt. Beckley decided it was best to put Rico down and not have him suffer.

Beckley and his father, also a Marine, dressed in their Marine blues and had one of the most beautiful services for Rico when he passed.  People from their town attended the homemade memorial and funeral procession. Beckley did all he could to hold back the tears while honoring his loyal companion.

The father-son duo respectfully draped an American flag over his coffin and marched to the place where Rico was laid to rest.

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