The Moment This Missing Dog Reunites With His Family After Three Years Will Bring You To Tears

Rico, the German Shepherd who was separated from his California family had to wait three years to take a coast-to-coast flight, but he is finally back home.

Andrea Arce says her dog was taken away during a bad breakup and that she and her children have been searching for Rico ever since. The heartbroken family recently received a call from a shelter in Virginia about the 6-year-old dog. Somehow, Rico made his way to the other side of the country, but thanks to his microchip, he was tracked back to Arce.

On Saturday, the German Shepherd returned to the west coast, where his family was waiting for him, on a United Airlines flight. Arce brought her two kids to the airport as a surprise, not telling them Rico would be there until he arrived.

Even after three years apart, the dog remembered his loved ones. Rico started whining to get out of his cage the moment he saw Arce, and he greeted each of his family members with plenty of hugs and kisses.

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