They Found An Abandoned Fawn In The Field, But Never Expected This When A Puppy Approached…

Farmers in Germany found a one-week-old deer abandoned in a field. A local family with dear-rearing experience took the fawn in, knowing that left to its own devices the little guy wouldn’t survive.

They named the deer Hansi, but it’s the family’s twelve-week-old Australian Shepherd, Lia, who has really taken the fawn under her wing.

Pet photographer, Anna Auerbach did us all a huge favor and decided to document Hansi and Lia’s budding romance. Her pictures of the BFFs are gorgeous and nauseatingly cute.


fawn and puppy

More smooches!


fawn and puppy

French smooches!


fawn and puppy

Maybe take it down a notch, Lia.


fawn and puppy

Your move, Pixar… I expect to see these two in a heartfelt romantic comedy by Thanksgiving!



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