Electric Workers Rescue Baby Fawn Who Just Loves To Be Cuddled

Justin Lewis and his buddy were clearing the right of way for electric lines when they noticed a fawn trapped in the fall path of a tree. The fawn was tangled in a bunch of thorns, and  was shaken up as a result.

Justin and his friend began to pull the fawn out and finally cut the fawn loose.  The poor little guy refused to calm down, so Justin picked up the fawn and held it like a baby. Then he began to gently rub its’ belly and the fawn returned to a calm, peaceful state.

Once the fawn was calmed down, Justin tried to put the baby back down on the ground, but the fawn began to scream.  Justin continued rubbing the fawn’s belly, and it calmed down again.

The little deer is so content and safe in Justin’s arms, he would not let him put him down.


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