Dog Makes Surprising and Crucial Appearance at a Fire Station Just in the Nick of Time

On Monday, June 30, 2014, an injured three-year-old female Pit bull walked into Philadelphia’s Engine 9 Ladder 21 Fire Station with the last strength she had left in her body. The dog, who was named Guenevere by the firefighters, had been severely injured around her neck and was very close to dying, but thanks to Firefighter Ryan Craig, that Monday was not the last Monday of her life.  The injured dog wanted help, and somehow knew that in a fire station she would find the help she desperately needed.

“We kind of pride ourselves in the department, on being a pro-active member of the community and taking care of the community,” Firefighter Craig told My Fox News. “Not everybody in the community walks on two legs, you know?”

fire station animal rescue


When the fire squad saw the wounded pet they knew they had to help. They contacted Animal Control and an officer took Guenevere to the shelter, yet they informed the firefighters the dog would only get 48 hours to get rescued or adopted, and if no one came forward to save her, she would be euthanized.

For Craig, allowing Guenevere to die was not an option, especially after he felt she wanted to live. The concerned fireman looked for help online and he started a page to raise funds to cover the dog’s medical costs. Surprisingly, within two days he had raised $2,000 and the dog was well on her way to get the medical attention she needed.

fire station animal rescue

Dr. Carrie Hutchinson from Rockledge Veterinary Clinic said the dog had been used as a bait dog.

“I think she was hung numerous times,” said Dr. Hutchinson. “And I think they allowed other dogs to attack her.”

As soon as Guenevere was assessed by specialists, they went to work to save her life. They cleaned her wounds, sutured those that were large and deep, and gave her antibiotics to fight infections.

Graig not only raise the funds to save the dog’s life, he and his fiance Emily Pugh are fostering Guenevere until she heals and finds a loving forever home.

“I haven’t stopped crying,” said Pugh. “I’ve been crying since I heard. The fact that anyone can hurt an animal it’s so beyond me.”

Thanks to Craig, his fellow firefighters, his fiancé, Dr. Hutchinson, and the hundreds of people who donated online, Guenevere is healing and is expected to fully recover. She’s not only recovering, but she had already lined up a family interested in adopting her once she is ready to move to a forever home.

Good luck Guenevere, may you never again fall into abusive hands.

Source:   LifeWithDogs

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