Heartwarming Photos Of Firefighters Rescuing Animals

Firefighters are quite possibly some of the bravest first responders.  They don’t think twice when running into a burning building to save lives.  

Firefighters have enormous hearts, and are willing to risk their lives for the safety of not only humans, but animals as well. The photos in this post capture some amazing animal rescues firefighters have made.

After a blind dog named Inge, fell off a ferry dock and into a freezing cold Lake Ontario. This firefighter plunged into the icy water and pulled the dog to safety.

Firefighter giving a koala’s water as a brushfire spreads across Australia.

Brett Cunniff, a Missoula fireman, saves a kitten from a house fire and gives it much needed oxygen!

When an owner realized her dog was trapped in her burning home, firefighter Ben Lawson was on hand, and he rescued the animal.

The Austin Fire Department heard that a deer was caught in a storm drainpipe, they rushed over and rescued the deer and brought her to Wildlife Rescue.

This dog is thanking his hero by licking the ashes off his rescuer’s face.

After a firefighter rescued this kitten from a raging inferno, this cat cuddled up to him. 

Firefighter Cody Knecht jumped into action when a group of ducklings were trapped in a drainpipe. He played his cell phone ringtone to lure the ducks out to safety.